How to Unhide Apps on iPhone

From Android to iPhone, everyone needs a hiding feature to hide a few apps; some want to hide gaming apps from children, and others have their own reason. As per Android, there are many options to hide apps, but there are not many options when it comes to iPhones. You can’t just hide apps on your iPhone, but you can place them somewhere hard to access. 

Sometimes when you are trying to find an app on someone’s iPhone, but it isn’t available on the iPhone’s home screen, then there are possibilities that it might be in the Apple App Library. Some apps are hidden in the app purchases section; to find these apps, here are the methods.

Unhide apps from your App Library

Sometimes few of your apps are not visible on the home screen, but they are installed and working on your phone. These apps are not on your home screen, but they exist on the iPhone’s App Library. 

You need to add them to your home screen from the App Library to reveal these apps. From iPhone’s iOS 14 version, every iPhone has its App Library, an organized list of all your installed apps; here, you can find every installed app even if it’s not visible on the home screen.

Unhide apps from your App Library

  • Few of you may don’t know about this App Library; by repeatedly swiping to the left on your iPhone’s home screen, it will show you the end page. 
  • After swiping left to the end of the page, it will show you the App Library. This App Library is an organized grid of all your installed apps divided by categories. 
  • You’ll also find the search bar above the library, where you can search for the particular app you are looking for.
  • After finding the desired app (which is not visible on the home screen of your iPhone), click & hold the app, and it will show you the options to take action. 
  • In the options, choose to Add to Home Screen and done.
  • Come back to Home Screen, and now you can see your selected app is visible on the Home Screen (Still not visible, try looking on other home screen pages).

To bypass this issue for the next time, you can also change the settings to show newly apps on the home screen; here’s how:

Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone, click on the Home Screen option, then click the check on “Add to Home Screen.”

What happens when you hide apps in your purchase list

After hiding apps on the purchase list, it disappears from the list of your purchased apps in the app store. But these hidden apps still appear in your purchase history located in the settings. if you hide an app from the app store, it will not delete it from your device. (Note: if you are using a family sharing plan, then your family me\mbers can’t re-download the app from your list of shared purchases.

Unhide the apps from App Purchases

When you like an app on the App Store, you purchase it, but after some issues or getting uninterested, you uninstall it. But what to do when you want that app back on your iPhone? Should you have to buy that app all over again? No, you don’t have to buy that app again; all you need to do is follow these steps to unhide any old purchased app:

  • Firstly, open the App store on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the account section or the account picture at the top of your screen.
  • Click on your name or your Apple ID (for security reasons, you might be asked to resign-in into your Apple ID account.

Unhide the apps from App Purchases

  • Slide down and click on the Hidden Purchases.

Hidden Purchases

  • Scroll down the list of the apps, search for the app you’re looking for, and Tap Unhide.
  • Now, tap Account settings and Done.
  • Search that app and click the download button.

How to unhide apps on Mac

Unhiding apps on Mac is as simple as unhiding apps on iPhone; here are the steps to unhide the apps on Mac from your purchase history:

  • Open the App Store on your Mac.
  • Tap on the profile name at the bottom of your sidebar, and tap view information on the top of your screen. Now with your Apple ID, sign in to your account.

unhide apps on Mac

  • Slide down to the Hidden Items or Hidden Purchases; Tap manage.
  • Find the app you want to unhide from the list of purchased apps.
  • Tap unhide and Done. Now your app reappears in the list of your purchased apps. You can easily re-download that app by tapping the Download button on your Mac.


We know sometimes we get into a problem where we don’t know anything about the solution, and unhiding the hidden apps on an iPhone is one of those problems. You may have come here by searching over the internet, but we know one thing, after going through this guide, you will learn how to unhide the hidden apps from the app purchase list and if these apps are really hidden, or they are just unlisted on your Home Page. Sometimes the apps we are looking for are just not pinned to the home screen, and you can add them to the home screen by the method mentioned above. Few apps we purchased way back but uninstalled can be redownloaded without repurchasing, as mentioned above.

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