How to Share Screen on Facetime on iPhone, iPad & Mac

Technology is upgrading day by day and making our life more convenient. Every day, new upgrades are coming and Facetime’s Screen Sharing is one of those upgrades. Screen Share is a feature that allows us to share our screen or whatever we are doing on our system to anyone we want. Apart from privacy concerns, if we use this feature smartly, then this can be very helpful for many of us. 

Have you ever faced a situation where you are stuck in the middle of something, but one of your friends knows the process, and you have no idea how your friend can teach you visually? In times like this, the screen-sharing feature is very helpful. By sharing the screen on Facetime, you can not only talk to the person added on the video chat, but you can also show them what you are doing on your screen. This feature is useful for teachers, students, business persons, etc.

As you already know, with Facetime on your iPhone, iPad & Mac, you can easily connect with someone who lives far away from your location, but sharing your screen with video chat is an add-on for us. 

How to Share Screen on Facetime on iPhone

Before Using Screen Share 

Using Screen share on Facetime on iPhone, iPad, or Mac requires specific system requirements. All these devices work on iOS, and you should have an updated version to use this feature. iPhone users should have a minimum of iOS15.1, iPad users should also have a minimum of iOS15.1, and Mac users should have a minimum of macOS12.1 to use it.

As any other apple service requires your Apple ID to use it, Facetime is also the same. You’ll need an Apple ID which will allow you to contact anyone you want on Facetime. With Facetime, you can share any content with the caller through your Share Screen, but if you are sharing something that requires a paid subscription, then Apple recommends SharePlay.

Helping someone troubleshoot or teach something requires visuals, and Facetime helps you in that, but apart from sharing a screen, Apple also protects your privacy. All your notifications are hidden during the screen share on Facetime, but you should be careful while sharing anything sensitive with other users because it may create privacy issues.

Screen Share

How to Use Share Screen on FaceTime on iPhone & iPad

Process of Screen sharing on FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad is easy; just follow the below steps if you’re a newbie:

  • Firstly open your Facetime app and dial someone a call with whom you want to share your screen.

Facetime app

  • After making a call on your FaceTime, you will see the rectangular-shaped screen sharing button on the toolbar; tap on that.

rectangular-shaped screen sharing button

  • A popup will appear asking permission, “Share my screen.”
  • When your screen share starts, it will go into “picture in picture” mode, and the video chat will shrink to the side of your screen. Now you can start doing whatever you want to show the caller.
  • The other user can see every activity of your iPhone or iPad through this feature.
  • After showing your activities, you can stop the screen sharing by tapping on the video call and the Share screen button again. It will prevent your screen sharing.
  • After being done on your facetime call, you can tap on the end call button to disconnect.

How to Use Share Screen on FaceTime on Mac

The screen sharing process on Mac is very similar to the iPhone/ iPad method, as the Apple devices have almost identical interfaces. Those who are new to MacOs and don’t have any idea how to use this new screen-sharing feature on the FaceTime application, then follow the steps:

  • Open your Facetime application and dial call to anyone you want.

Facetime application

  • After connecting the video call, look for the screen sharing option on the top of your screen panel. The screen sharing button is a rectangular-shaped button with a person icon in it.

video call

  • Tap on the screen sharing button, asking you if you want to share your whole screen or a single window. Choose as per choice.
  • Clicking on the single window option will ask you which window you want to share, and if you choose the full-screen option, it will share your Mac’s entire screen and activity.

How to replace screen sharing on iPhone and Mac

Instead of watching what your host is showing from their Screen, you can also take over the screen sharing and show them your side. The process of taking over the Screen sharing on the iPhone is very similar to the Mac as the Apple devices’ internal features are also similar. Follow the below steps to replace the screen sharing with your Screen:

  1. While on the facetime call and someone is already sharing their Screen, you can take over by tapping on Share Content.
  2. Tap the ‘Share My Screen’ rectangular-shaped button.
  3. Now, it will ask for permission Replace the Existing one.
  4. Allow it, and you will have the Screen sharing on.
  5. Taking over the screen sharing will close the previous Screen sharing automatically so that others will start to see your screen view.

Can We Share Screen with Android or Windows Users on Facetime Call?

As you know, Apple is always trying to make exclusive features only available for the Apple Devices; the same story goes here. Sharing Screen with Android or Windows users can be possible as they can join your Facetime Call from the shared joining link from their browser, but apart from watching and talking on the facetime call, they can’t do much. Like any other app, Apple made some exclusive features on the Facetime application, which can be usable only through an Apple device. But we all know Apple is changing itself day by day, and maybe in the future, it will do some updates regarding this problem, and we will let you know.


FaceTime is one of the most famous video chat apps like Google meet, Zoom calls, or Microsoft teams. But this is more usable for Apple users than the android ones. Sharing screen is a need for everyone these days because you can learn or teach anyone anything through this. FaceTime screen sharing is also a significant update by Apple, and using it might not look very clear, but following the above steps will make it convenient for you. If you know other methods to share Screen on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then let us know in the comments. 

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