How to manage app folders on your iPhone and iPad

iPhone always has a different fan base, especially the professional people who prefer iPhone over any other Android phone; this is not just because of the stunning looks but also for the clean and simple UI with privacy secured features. Apple always wants to give their customers the most organized system so that no one has to waste time finding things. App folders in the iPhone and iPad help you make your home screen more organized and set up the way you want it to be.

Many people have an extensive list of installed apps on their iPhones, but they use very few of them. These extra apps are loaded on their home screen without any particular order. With the help of app folders, you can easily create folders by the categories of your apps which will make your iPhone more organized. By creating app folders, you can also put your unused apps into them, which will take up less space on your Home Screen and as you know, you can always find all of your apps in your app library.

You can create an app folder for hiding the apps that you don’t want anyone to notice easily. From this guide, you can easily learn how to create and manage app folders on your iPhone or iPad.

Create App folders

Follow the steps to create an app folder on the iPhone Home screen:

  • To create an app folder, you must launch the jiggle mode on your iPhone, press, and hold a blank area on your home screen unless all of your apps start to jiggle. You can also Tap a single app, and when it starts shaking, Tap to Edit your Home Screen.
  • Now in the edit section, tap and hold the app you want to add into a folder and drag it to another selected app. While doing this, make sure to unhold your finger only when you see a highlight at the bottom of the app.
  • Do this one by one and drag the app to the created folder.
  • After adding apps into the created folder, touch any empty place on the screen to exit this jiggle mode and make your edits confirmed.

Create App folders

It may take a while for those new to the iPhone and its interface to get this process right, but after creating one folder, it won’t look too complicated, and you can make more new folders within seconds. All you need to do is drag one app to another.

Create new pages in a folder

Now, if you have created the app folder, then creating a new page inside that folder is not going to be too difficult; just follow these steps:

  • Open the folder in which you want to create a folder.
  • Relaunch the Jiggle Mode.
  • Now by using both of your fingers, Tap and drag one app to the right of the folder and use the second finger to swipe left to go to the second folder/page. Now drop your app to this folder.
  • Follow this same process for creating more pages inside your folder, but always remember every one of your pages needs a minimum of one app in it. You can track the number of pages by the dots at the bottom of your folder.

How to add apps to folders on iPhone?

After creating a folder, you can put multiple apps to the app folder and add them by their categories if you want. Like you can put all the social apps in a single folder and gaming apps in another single folder. This way, you can create an organized Home screen on your iPhone.

For adding an app into a folder, tap and drag an app to that folder. Now for the people who want to add multiple apps in a single folder all at once, just drag one app to another selected app and drag the group of these apps into that folder and done. 

How to move apps from folder to Home Screen?

Sometimes few apps are more usable than the others, and after adding them to a folder, it will be harder to open them regularly, as it takes longer than usual. You can easily move any app out of the app folder to your Home Screen. Follow these steps:

  • Open your Home Screen and Tap on the folder from where you want to move out an app.
  • Now Tap and hold the app you want to move out, don’t unhold; it will start jiggling.
  • Drag that app out of the folder to your Home Screen area, and done.

How to Rename app folders?

Categorizing app folders by apps is not enough until you put a correct name on that folder, so to rename your app folders follow these below steps:

  • Go to your Home Screen, Open that folder which Name you want to change.
  • Tap on the current folder name and hold until apps start jiggling.
  • Now, Tap X to delete the current Name and write your desired Name for the folder. While renaming the folders, you can also put emojis in them.

How to move folder from one Home Screen page to another?

Putting all the folders and apps on a single Home Page is impossible. Also, it will look messy, so keep it clean and simple. Move your folders from one to another Home Screen page, follow the below steps:

  • Open your Home Screen and Tap on the empty area. 
  • Hold until all the apps and folders start jiggling.
  • After entering into jiggle mode, Tap the folder you want to move and drag it to the side edge of your screen. Remember to drag your folder to the only side where you want to move it.
  • When the Home Screen page switches, place your folder to the desired area of the screen and done.

move folder from one Home Screen page to another?

How to add a folder to iPhone Dock?

Sometimes your phone’s default setup is not as per your need. The Same goes with iPhone Dock; maybe you use other apps more than the apps placed default under your Home Screen Dock. But don’t worry; you can easily solve this problem by adding your favorite apps to the folder on the Dock. Follow the below steps to add a folder to the iPhone Dock:

  • To create a folder on your Home Screen Dock, you need space for a minimum of one app on your Dock. If you don’t have space, you can not create a new folder.
  • On your Home Screen, Tap your selected app and drag it to another app; it will create a folder on your Dock.
  • You can add multiple apps to this folder on the Dock.
  • You can also add an existing folder from your iPhone’s Home Screen to the folder on Dock. All you need to do is Tap and drag it to the folder created on Dock and done.

By creating a folder on your Home Screen Dock, you can have more than four apps on your quick go.

How to delete any app folder from the iPhone?

Yes, we know sometimes you don’t need a folder and just want to delete it, and you can easily do it by following these steps:

  • Now, if you want to remove all your apps from that folder and then want to delete them, just remove all the apps one by one from that folder. After removing all the apps from that folder, this folder will vanish automatically.
  • But if you want to delete the whole folder and don’t want the apps to move out to your home screen. Then, Tap and hold that folder and click Remove Folder. By this, all the apps from that folder will move to your App Library.

How to create a hidden folder on an iPhone?

Features like HIdden Folder on iPhone don’t come officially by Apple. But if your iPhone is jailbroken, you can only do this kind of configuration. You can hide your app folders and the home screen pages so that no one can see which apps you are using.

create a hidden folder

How to set a lock on a folder on an iPhone?

The iPhone only offers you the app locker as well as your screen lock. You need a jailbroken device to use features like setting up the lock on Folders.

How to create folders in the App Library?

You can’t create app folders in your library; this feature is only available for your Home Screen area. 

Folders and the categories are automatically available on your App Screen; as per Apple, they don’t need any additional folders there, and they don’t offer any feature for this.

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