How to find out if someone blocked you on iPhone

Nowadays, stopping someone from contacting you is easy; all you need to do is Block them, and they will not be able to contact you then. Blocking someone is easy but experiencing the other side is difficult when someone blocks you.

Always remember that there are possibilities that the other person blocked you by mistake and they are not mad at you; it can be an accident also.

Blocking someone can be the last choice for anyone. People choose to block someone when they don’t want to get connected with that person. Blocking someone and being blocked by someone are two different things, and being blocked feels terrible.

But are you blocked by someone, or is it just a misunderstanding? This is a question that most of us ask when getting blocked. Sometimes the other person is just out of reach or did not look at their phone, but coming to a conclusion without waiting to get confirmed can be a big mistake. So first, get to know the situation and circumstances that can be responsible for your blocked number. Here are some methods to tell if someone blocked you on iPhone.

What are the signs that someone blocked your number?

Many signs shows if someone blocks your number. The user who isn’t responding is not a sign that you are blocked; there are possibilities that the other person is busy or unable to see or reply to your messages immediately. Here are some other signs that help you find out if you are blocked.

Unanswered Calls

Unanswered calls mean someone is ignoring you, but it does not mean that it’s a block; there are possibilities that the person is busy and didn’t have time to pick up the call or call back. Calls that don’t connect are also not a full-proof call block; they can be a network problem also. Here are some situations of unanswered calls:

If you’re calling someone, and it rings a few times, then dodge the voicemail, it means you are not blocked, but the other person is opting to ignore your calls. 

Now, the good news here is that you are not blocked, and due to some reason, the other person is choosing not to take your calls, but in this situation, there are chances that they don’t want to talk to you.

Talking about the iPhone’s technical part, then there are possibilities that the other person may have switched on the “Do Not Disturb” feature of the iPhone, which doesn’t give any notification/ alert or sound of call when turned on.

Another feature of the iPhone which can be responsible for your unanswered calls is the “Repeated Calls” feature. These repeated calls feature lets you sidestep the do not disturb feature if you call two or three times within three minutes of the time frame. With this feature, the other person gets an alert of your calls.

Lastly, the network carrier can also be a reason behind the unanswered calls because sometimes, when you call someone, it rings. Still, it is not ringing or alerting the other person that you’re calling.

Note: if someone blocks you and while calling them, your calls head to voicemail, then yes, your voicemails will still be sent to them, but they will not appear with other voicemails; instead, they will appear in the Blocked Messages section.

Unanswered Calls

Undelivered iMessages

Firstly you should know about the notifications of the iMessage delivery. If you have noticed while sending a message from your iPhone, your delivered messages get a delivered badge at the bottom of your conversation or chat.

When someone turns on the read receipts feature on their iMessage, it will change the delivery badge to the read badge, which means the other person has read your messages. So, if your sent message shows the delivered badge only, then it means the other person still hasn’t read your messages.

If someone blocked you and you are messaging them, then the bottom of your chat will not show you the delivered badge because iMessage frequently refreshes itself to show you your messages’ current actual status. After being blocked by someone, your sent messages will appear after your last delivered or read badge in a recent chat.

Even after being unblocked by someone, they will never get your previous messages. They will only get the messages sent after unblocking you. Messages not showing the delivered badge are not a full-proof sign of being blocked because low networks can also be responsible for the undelivered messages. 

After coming into a network area, the other person will get your messages, and the status of your sent messages will automatically show you the delivered badge. But if your messages are not showing a delivered badge for a long period, it can signify that the other person blocked you.

Undelivered iMessages

Undelivered SMS 

Usually, when people cannot use iMessage, they use SMS messages that will show up in the green-colored bubble in your iMessage chats. As you know, the SMS feature is used by many non-iPhone users to deliver text. Same as the iMessages, the SMS section of the iPhone also has ways to know if your messages are delivered or blocked.

After sending an SMS with an iPhone, it shows two signs of your messages. First is the sent badge, which means that the SMS has been sent from your end but does not reach the other person’s phone. 

The second is the delivered badge which means that your message has been delivered to the other person successfully; unlike the iMessages, there is no authentic way to know if the other person has read your messages.

When the sent badge is never turned into the delivered badge for a long time, it is a sign that the other person has blocked you. Also, while sending messages on iMessage, if your blue bubble chat turns into a green bubble chat, it means the person has blocked your number on the chat.

Undelivered SMS 


The iMessage and SMS are great ways to know that you are blocked. But the auto-replies are a soft kind of block because, with their help, the other person is choosing not to take your calls and sending you an auto-generated reason so you won’t feel blocked.

Under iPhone “Do not disturb” mode, there is an auto-reply option where you can set your message for the calls you are not attending. You can’t send auto-replies to the blocked numbers, and if you are still getting an auto-reply, then it is a soft block for you. Automatic replies are received by favorite persons also.

Voicemail after a single ring

Your calls will never get to their phone when someone blocks you on their iPhone. It will directly go to the voicemail, and when you record and send them a voice mail, these voicemails go to the blocked folder. The user you’re trying to reach will not get any notification of your calls and the voicemail. Only when the other person intentionally opens up the blocked section they can see your voicemails and further call details. 

Now there is a situation when the other person you are trying to reach has switched off their phone, or their phone’s battery died; in this situation, you will get the same experience as being blocked. 

Your calls will go straight to the voicemail after a single ring, so be assured before reaching any conclusion. If the other person’s number keeps getting into voicemail, it could signify that you are blocked.

What to do after being Blocked on an iPhone?

To connect with someone, calling or sending messages is one way, but there are several ways to be connected to someone. Firstly you should respect the person’s decision if they don’t want to talk to you; if someone wants to be alone, you should let them be. If you’re concerned about someone, it’s ok but doesn’t try to harass anyone even after being blocked. Here are some methods that you can consider if you are blocked.

Social Platforms: With the help of social media platforms, you can connect to anyone anywhere. If you’re worried about the person who blocked you and wants to get connected, you can find them on any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. If your number is blocked, you can easily connect to the person who blocked you on social media.

Email: When your number is blocked, the connected email to your number is also blocked, so if you’re trying to reach a person who blocked you by sending them an email, try to mail them with a different email ID. If they are active on Mail, you can convey your message to them.

Call by another number: When you are blocked, and all your calls are heading straight to the voicemail, you can also try a different number to connect to that person. If your calls are still jumping to the voicemail, you are not blocked, but it’s a block if it rings and then goes to voicemail.

Video Call: Like the social platforms where you can connect with anyone anywhere, video calls can be another option. Platforms like Google meet, Skype and Zoom, etc., can be a great option to get connected. Skype can even show you the status of being online, but if the other person is not picking up the call even after being online, they don’t want to get connected, and you should let them be alone.


Several ways help you know if you are blocked on an iPhone, such as unanswered calls, undelivered messages, calls going straight to voicemail, getting auto-replies, etc. But always remember there are chances that the person you’re trying to reach may have been in a condition where they are unable to get back to your calls or messages. But even if you find out you’re blocked intentionally, it’s better to stay away from that person.

We know it feels bad to be blocked but always remember to respect the decision of the person who blocked you. If they want to be alone, accept their decision and move on.

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