How to force quit apps on iPhone and iPad

Most of us choose to buy an iPhone instead of an Android phone because we are impressed with the performance of iPhones. We know that hanging or system stuck type issues on the iPhone or iPad rarely happens, which is why most users opt for iPhone over Android. But what to do when you launch an app on your iPhone, but it gets stuck, and nothing responds? Don’t worry; our guide will teach you how to force quit these apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Why Force Quitting?

You may be wondering if your app gets stuck, then you can simply quit the app as usual and come back to your home screen, but normal closing doesn’t work in these hanging situations. When you close any app on your iPhone iPad and return to your home screen, these apps aren’t actually closed. Meaning, that even after closing an app, it still runs in the background; closing any app after using it is just like tapping a pause button. So, whenever you reopen the app, it will not take much time to load the data; this is how your phone responds fast.

Force-quitting is the best option when any of your apps crash and nothing is responding. Force quitting closes your app even from the background, and whenever you reopen that app, it reloads the fresh data from the start. All the minor issues or bugs you faced with that app will also go after the force-quitting.

How to force quit apps on iPhone?

The force quitting process depends on the iPhone model and the OS version you use. How about we discuss the new versions of the iPhones like X, XS Max, XS, and later versions, which come with a notch screen without a home button.

  • Next time when your app gets stuck, what you should do is slide up your home screen from the bottom to open the home screen on your iPhone (As you don’t have a home button on your model).
  • Hold up your finger on the middle of your iPhone after sliding up to the home screen; when the screen shows the small preview of your app, unhold your finger to launch App Switcher.
  • Scrolling in the app switcher, you will see all the apps you opened earlier that are still running in the background.
  • Look for an app that you want to quit, swipe for its preview, and remove this small preview from the top of your display. (Users of iPhone X with iOS11 should tap & hold this preview card and click on the red-colored minus button to quit)

How to force quit apps on iPhone

Now, returning to the other iPhone model users who have a physical home button on their model. to force quit a stuck app, you should open it and double click your home button to launch your App Switcher. In the interface of the App Switcher, select the preview of your unresponsive app and slide up to quit it, and done.

slide up to quit it

How to force quit apps on iPad?

As Apple says, you should only close an app when it’s unresponsive because restarting an app takes your data, battery, and time, resulting in lower system speed. The process for force quitting an app on the iPad is very similar to the iPhone, but the interface of the iPhone and iPad is different. So, if you are facing an app stuck frequently, then open that troubled app and follow the below steps:

  • iPad users with iOS 12, 13, or higher should open the troubled app first, slide up your home screen from the bottom of your iPad to the middle and hold your finger.
  • After a second hold, it will open the App Launcher, which is a grid of all the background running apps.
  • Swipe right to left on this grid and look for the app preview, which keeps unresponsive.
  • Now, swipe up on the preview of the selected app, and it will force quit the app from the background.

How to force quit apps on iPad?

Users with a physical home button on their iPad can double click on their Home Button when any of your apps get unresponsive. After the double click, it will open your App Launcher, and then you can follow the further steps above.

After quitting the app from the background, find it on your home screen or the app launcher and restart it, but this time it will restart from the start and reload all the new data, which will remove minor bugs you are facing with your app.

Users who are still facing issues with their app can also restart their iPhone or iPad after this process so that your system can start fresh.

How to force close apps on iPhone by powering off?

As you know, there are many ways out when it comes to hanging on phones, but iPhones don’t have many options. But force closing the unresponsive apps by powering off is another one of the few options. don’t worry is one of the safe options; follow the below steps to force close your troubling app:

  • Open your iPhone’s settings, go to General, swipe down the options and click Shut Down.
  • Now by using the slider, power Off your iPhone.
  • Command Power Off, now wait for 30 seconds your device will restart.

How to force close apps on iPhone

Because of the power off, your iPhone’s apps will be forced to quit, and now every app will start and load up fresh. All of your apps should work properly now.


iPhone is a phone with ultimate performance, and unresponsiveness or security breaches are the issues that come rarely. But as we all know, nothing is perfect, and the same goes with the iPhone; for those facing these issues with their iPhone, it can be suggested not to force quit their apps until they get unresponsive. Force quitting the apps without any problem can make your system slower a bit; also, it will use battery and, in some cases, your internet too. So try to avoid force quitting unless it’s important. You can follow the above steps to force quit apps on iPhone and iPad.

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