How to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

The Internet is becoming necessary for everyone, and staying connected to the Internet requires a good Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing or business owner. Everyone needs Wi-Fi to connect with their loved ones and their business. Sometimes we are connected to a network but don’t know its password, and because of it, we cannot share the Internet with others we don’t know. Finding a password from an already connected network is not so complicated when it comes to windows, but if you are a Mac user, you need to know the process. In Mac, you can only find a Wi-Fi password if your system has connected to that particular Wi-Fi in the past. On the old MacOs versions, all of your old passwords were listed in an application named KeyChain Access. But this isn’t the only method to know your password these days. So the people who are looking for their connected or saved Wi-Fi password, this guide is for you. 

Why is it important to know your Wi-Fi password?

You need the Internet for too many reasons; everything is going digital and going with the flow, and you need a good internet connection. But having the Internet without Wi-Fi is not good for your business. Having Wi-Fi will help you to access the Internet wirelessly and effortlessly; you can connect multiple devices and access the Internet in all of them at the same time. You need to know your Wi-Fi password to connect all your devices to the Wi-Fi. 

You can’t share your Wi-Fi with family and friends without a Wi-Fi password. Sometimes the internet provider who sets up your internet connection also sets up your Wi-Fi password, or the company itself sets an automatic password for your network. In these cases, your password was set up into complex and shuffled words and letters which is next to impossible to remember, and for these people finding their Wi-Fi password becomes important. There are fewer chances that someone dont know their Wi-Fi password, but it happens sometimes, and you need to find a way to find your Wi-Fi password.

How to find your Wi-Fi password on your Mac computer?

1. Find passwords by KeyChain Access

Keychain Access is an application that comes with all Apple Macs. This application helps you find the passwords of all your past connected networks. Few people know about this application, but it comes with all MacOs. With this, you can find all types of network passwords, including your work and home networks. Follow the below steps to learn how to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac through Keychain Access.  

  • With the help of the Spotlight search, open the Keychain Access application; on your keyboard, press the shortcut Command + Space and after it opens, search Keychain Access and launch the application.
  • Now you need to log in with your password from the sidebar. Tap on search, and type the network name to find the password you are looking for. Click on that network to find the details.

Find passwords by KeyChain Access

  • Tap on the Show Password button to fill in your administrator login details to verify and uncover the password. This security check-in is required for your admin verification. If you don’t have multiple user logins into your Mac system, you just need to enter your login details because you are the admin.

Tap on the Show Password button

  • It may ask you for your credentials again here; just enter your full name and password as per your Login screen.

enter your full name and password

  • The password you are looking for will appear on the side next to Show Password.

find your Wi-Fi password on your Mac

There are also many other benefits of using Keychain Access besides finding your network password. This application also stores the password data of your other application and the internet web login details. This application may be just for you for people who are not so great at saving or remembering their passwords. 

2. Find passwords by Terminal

There are many ways to find the Wi-Fi passwords of your already connected or past connected network, and doing it with the help of Terminal is one of them. The Terminal is an application available on all Mac systems, so the people who haven’t used or seen it before should know it is also available on your Mac. The Terminal is a powerful application, but its interface is a little complicated, so you should know what you are doing before launching it on your system. You should know like any other application like this; it also requires you to verify the admin details before proceeding. Follow the steps below to find the Wi-Fi password on Mac through Terminal.

  • Launch the Terminal app by searching it on your system.
  • After opening it enter the below command by replacing the “YourWifiNetworkName” with the name of the same network that password you are looking for.

(Command: security find-generic-password -ga YourWifiNetworkName | grep “password:”)

Find passwords by Terminal

  • Now it will verify the admin details, so type in your password and press Enter.
  • Now the terminal app will show the password of that network you entered.

terminal app will show the password

3. How to find your Wi-Fi password on your Mac computer from the Router?

Like the last one, this method also works in finding the password of your connected network. With the help of this method, you can find your Wi-Fi password easily, but you need to have physical access to that Router and the login details of the router settings. Sometimes you don’t have the credentials of the router settings because it was set up automatically by your network provider. 

In these cases, there are chances that the default Wi-Fi password was mentioned on your Router’s back. Turn your Router and see if any details are mentioned on the label. The name of your Wi-Fi and a password must be written on the back.

I don’t know about the current router model you are using, but all the new routers have the Wi-Fi details mentioned on their back these days.

If the details aren’t mentioned on the back, and your network provider has set up your last password, then you can log in to your router setting by admin details (if you don’t have the details, then ask your network provider for it). 

After logging in to that interface, look for security settings where you can find your Network name and its password right behind it. You can even change your Wi-Fi password from here.


In this busy life, we have so much work to do from morning to evening, and everything works with a secure login, whether it is your social media or the system you are using. Remembering these passwords is hard, and, most of all, the password of your Wi-Fi will help you ultimately log in to other sites. Remembering passwords may not be easy, but finding them through the method we have mentioned may help you. We know some people forget after setting up their Wi-Fi password; some are connected to the network but don’t know the password because they haven’t set it up. Finding your Mac’s Wi-Fi password is not difficult if you know the right steps, so read the guide and decide which method can work for you or is the easiest for you.

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