Fix: Why does iPhone says Message Blocking is Active

Apple is famous for providing advanced and premium products which are the best in their class. People choose to buy the Apple devices not just because of the looks and features it offers but also because it syncs all your work in the cloud which is accessible by any Apple device.

But opting for Apple devices also brings some common problems which are easy to handle if you know their solution. Some features of Apple devices may confuse you, but after understanding them once, you will feel more comfortable using an iPhone instead of an Android.

Today we will solve the problem of “Message Blocking is Active” in your iPhone, but before solving this, you should know what “Message Blocking is Active” problem is and why this happens with iPhone users.

iPhone says Message Blocking is Active

What is iPhone “Message Blocking is Active”?

Message blocking is an active error that can happen due to the number you have blocked on your iPhone. Blocking a number can start this error by showing “Message Blocking is Active”; it is actually alerting you that you have blocked this number, which is why you can receive or send messages. Unblocking that number can solve this error of showing “Message Blocking is Active”.

Solving a problem is not possible until you don’t know how it happens. iPhone message blocking is a problem that can lead to many complications in your device. So knowing the reason behind this problem will also help you in solving this because nobody wants to face this problem again. Apart from blocking a number, the possible reasons behind this error could be:

  • This problem happens because of your undelivered messages.
  • One of your messages is rejected or may be unsent because of technical glitches.
  • Low networks or carriers can also be responsible for this error.

Like these above examples, many other reasons can lead to this problem, so we are covering them all. Go through the solution mentioned below, so you don’t have to face this “Message Blocking is Active” error again.

Verify Some Details Before Going Further

1. Check if your cellular plan also includes messaging; sometimes, our opted plan includes unlimited calls and internet data, but it does not include SMS.

2. Check if you are into a network area, a low network area can also be a reason behind this error.

3. Make sure your SMS/MMS are turned on from the iPhone’s settings.

iPhone's settings

4. Check if your device has required storage, low storage can be a reason behind unsend messages.

5. Check if your current cellular plan has enough SMS left for the month; if not, then you can’t send a message without any recharge.

6. Check the country code in the recipient’s number; the wrong country code for international SMS can also lead to “Message Blocking is Active” error.

7. Ensure your iPhone’s time and date are set to Automatic because wrong settings and information can cause malfunction and other issues like “Message Blocking is Active.”

8. Make sure your notifications are turned on; sometimes, on Apple devices, notifications are muted for a few apps, which may include SMS, and this is why you don’t get notified when you get a message which can cause an error message.

Unblocking the blocked Numbers

As the primary reason for getting “Message Blocking is Active” error on an iPhone is blocking a number, you can resolve it by unblocking the blocked numbers.

Follow the below process to unblock the contact.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open “Settings”.

open “Settings”

2. Scroll down and Tap on “Phone”.

3. From the list of options, select “Call Blocking & Identification”.

Call Blocking & Identification

4. Now you will see the list of numbers you have blocked on your iPhone or iPad.

list of numbers you have blocked on your iPhone or iPad

5. Select the number you want to unblock and click “Edit” on the top right.

6. Click on the red-colored button to Unblock the number.

red-colored button to Unblock the number

7. Tap on Unblock to remove the number from the block list.

Tap on Unblock to remove the number from the block list

In your block list, you may find some numbers you haven’t blocked, but it may happen by mistake, so unblock those numbers too. After removing the number from the block list, your Message block is active, and the error problem will be solved. There is no need to restart your device after unblocking the number, but if unblocking doesn’t solve the issue, try other solutions. 

Send Text Messages without attaching media files

Sometimes sending text messages with media files (MMS) can lead to this “Message Blocking is Active” error. Through the MMS, your carrier network allows you to share media files with your text messages, activating the anti-spam error. Because the usual text messages do not include a media file, your phone will mark it as spam, so sending text messages without media attachments can solve this error. Plain text messages will be easier to deliver by the network, and adding files like videos, images or documents, or unknown file types can flag the Message.

Your number is Blocked

These days the feature of blocking a number comes with every phone, either it’s android or iPhone and If someone blocks your number, then it can also be a reason behind the “Message Blocking is Active” error on your iPhone. When a contact blocks your number and tries to send a message to that number, your sent Message will get undelivered, and your iPhone will notify you by showing “Message Blocking is Active” error.

Message Blocking is Active

To solve the issue, you should discuss this with the person who has blocked your number; unblocking your number can solve this problem, or you can try other methods.

Message containing unsupported content

Sending messages containing unsupported content can also cause a Message error problem. SMS containing things other than text like emojis, videos, photos, or any other attachment which is not text can be a reason behind the “Message Blocking is Active” error. In this situation, you can also see an inability to send a message error, so try to send only text on SMS.


As shown above, these are some methods to solve your “Message Blocking is Active” error. We are sure through this guide, you will get a solution that will work, and if these methods do not solve your issue, then contact Apple customer support. Let us know which way worked for you and if you know any other method, then let us know in the comments.

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