TunesRobot is a multi-purpose tool for automating and scripting many aspects of Apple's iTunes® software.

Please note that at present TunesRobot is in BETA test mode - See warnings in sidebar at left.

Among many other things it can:

  • Create sophisticated play schedules (program your own radio station), eg: 9 am Baroque Masters, 10 am Jazz Festival, 11 am Podcast Corner....
  • Clean up messy tags from Gracenote and other sources
  • Do global search and replace on track info
  • Do complex transforms of the track info fields eg convert Roman numerals in song name to Arabic numerals and put them in track number field
  • Do sophisticated searches including OR conjunctions (ie Genre=Classical AND Composer=Bach OR Vivaldi OR Monteverdi)
  • Find and remove tracks in iTunes where the original file has been moved or deleted

...and much more. As they say in the ads, it's only limited by your imagination.

You can read the help files here before installing the application, to get a better idea of how it works.