iArt - $10

iArt is a shareware program that can be used to download album art or lyrics for your iTunes or iPod library. It uses a plugin architecture allowing for complete customizability over where to find album art in future!

iArt 3.1 adds support for lyrics. It can search online and download lyrics to your iTunes which can then by viewed on supported iPods.

Shareware Information

Purchase here : LINK.

iArt 3 is shareware, so you can use it for a while to see if you like the program, after which it will be disabled until you register.

In Demo mode, you can only use iArt for a few albums (50) or to save lyrics to a few songs (about 200). Once this Demo mode is over, you must register iArt to continue use of it. The Demo mode should be enough for you to experience iArt and see if it works well for you.

Purchase Information

To purchase iArt 3, please follow the instructions HERE.

'iArt Changes

There have been many changes in iArt, mainly allowing you to use it for longer, bringing lyrics support, allowing saving of lyrics to notes, filtering usernames, etc.

To view a full changelog, please check the "ChangeLog.txt" file in the iArt directory.

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